Why Air Rentals?

Air Rentals is the leading company in quality and safety. We are not just another bounce house rental company. We take pride in what we offer and customer service is our top priority.

When it comes to safety we take every measure to make sure your guests of all ages are safe. We are the only company that requires a Watchdog air siren to be placed at every site. This is required by law and most other companies overlook this practice and its always included in the price.

Cleanliness is also our priority. We take the time to make sure each unit has been inspected and disinfected after every use. Other rental companies say they clean after every rental but look close and you can quickly tell that it is spot cleaning at best. If your don’t believe us we invite you to our warehouse and see for yourself.

We want you and your guests to have the best possible experience with Air Rentals and thats why we offer the best in all aspects of your rental experience.

We hope that these principles will help to earn your business.

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